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Volanta is an easy-to-use smart flight tracker that integrates flight data across all major flight simulators including FlightGear.

Getting started


  1. Download the Volanta installer from here and run the installer.
  2. Open Volanta with administrator permissions (If already open, close Volanta completely by right clicking the Volanta icon on the right taskbar and pressing exit).
  3. Once a Volanta account is created and logged in, Volanta will automatically search for available flight simulators and prompt to install the FlightGear plugin.
  4. Press install and go to Settings > Simulators and confirm that the plugin is downloaded.
  5. Fly!

Common issues

FlightGear randomly freezes for a few seconds

When the Volanta plugin is installed but Volanta is not open during flying, FlightGear will pause every few seconds. One workaround for this is to edit FGDATA/Nasal/Volanta.nas to this:

var openIoChannel = func {
  fgcommand("remove-io-channel", { "name": "volanta" });
  var connected = fgcommand("add-io-channel", {"config": "generic,socket,out,5,,6746,tcp,volanta", "name": "volanta"});

  if (connected) {
    print("[Volanta] Connection successful");
  } else {
    print("[Volanta] Connection unsuccessful. Is Volanta running?");

var volantaLoaded = func {
  print("[Volanta] Initialised");
  var timer = maketimer(15, func() {
if(getprop("/sim/use-volanta")) {
  _setlistener("/nasal/my_module/loaded", volantaLoaded);

When running FlightGear, passing --prop:/sim/use-volanta=0 as an additional setting will prevent this issue by disabling the plugin (change the 0 to 1 to enable it).

I press Install in Volanta and it says installed but Settings > Simulators show uninstalled

Try opening Volanta as Administrator and try again. If it still does not work, try copying the following files and paste to:

%appdata%\Orbx\Volanta\plugins\volanta.nasC:\Program Files\FlightGear 2020.3\data\Nasal\volanta.nas

%appdata%\Orbx\Volanta\plugins\volanta.xmlC:\Program Files\FlightGear 2020.3\data\Protocol\volanta.xml

Volanta plugin is "unable to be installed due to permissions"

Open Volanta with administrator permissions.

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