Virtual Air Traffic Organization

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Virtual Air Traffic Organization
Founded March 2013
Active No
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Virtual Air Traffic Organization also known as vATO is a virtual organization in FlightGear Flight Simulator that promotes realism in event based operations currently within Europe and North America.


vATO is a complete overhaul and re-brand of Air H5. Air H5 was an organization in FlightGear which consisted of two main event-based virtual airlines, Eurfly which operates in Europe and Fremont which operates in North America. Air H5 was originally founded by Rick Ace in July 2010 and its activity had to end after a few months of success. Air H5 was then reorganized in May 2012 but due to the low standards and lack of pilots and ATCs, it ended its operations in January 2013.


Current staff members are Israel H. (CEO) and Chris K. (Webmaster).