Using XCSoar with FlightGear

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This page describes how to use the open source glide computer XCSoar ( for use with gliders in FlightGear over a WLan Connection using the nmea Protocol.

Configure flightgear

When starting flightgear, add this line to your start command (when using a launcher, there is usually a field to input manual control line elements): --nmea=socket,out,5,XXX.XXX.XXX.XX,4353,udp Instead of the X's you put in the local IP-adress of the receiver (can be the same as your computer if you use it there, or your mobile phone, tablet, ...). Then you start flightgear as usual with your favourite Glider ;)

Configure XCSoar

When starting XCSoar, click on "Fly". You will be directed to a mostly white page with some information boxes in the corners/edges. Double click anywhere to enable the menu. Alternatively, draw the letter "V" on the screen (the screen supports gestures.)
In the menu click "Config" -> "Devices" and then select the available device (eg "A") and click the "Edit" button.
Select the first field to be "UDP-Port", the second to "4353" (if not already done) and the third to "Generic" (if not already done) and confirm by clicking "OK". When starting FlightGear now, it should be connected.

Configure Map

As you still see only a white field, you may want to download a map of your current location/country. Therefor go into "Config" -> "System" and click on the "Site Files".
When clicking on the first field ("Map database") again, you will either be able to select from installed maps or you can download new ones by "Download" button.
In the same way you can set "Waypoints", "Airspaces", etc.

Configure Aircraft

To make sure XCSoar always has the right data for your aircraft, you can go to "Config" -> "Planes" and "Add" a new plane. There you can select (under "Polar" -> "List" buttons) from a list the aircraft you're flying in. Make sure to activate the aircraft by "Active" button.