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Quick Check for FGFS 3.0 Scenery 2.12 problems

This is a proposal -- not yet final:

It seems with FGFS 3.0 and scenery 2.12 many users are running into problems and try now to debug/tune there system. In the meantime there are many very good and detailed wikis available (which then reference to even more detailed wiki). e.g.:


But I am afraid not everybody will really read them all - so let me give you some hints - and if you want more details see the wikis!

You should start with a rather "complex plane" on a rather "complex airport" (e.g. EDDF, KSFO, etc.) when there is much traffic active -- of course you should stay OffSide on an unused parking-lot and inform ATC about what you are doing and watch MPchat! Then:

  • Before starting to tune set the frame-rate to the default 60 and activate (see: View -> Rendering Option -> Throttle frame rate) - then the actual frame-rate will be shown in the lower right corner of your screen. The goal should be to have at least 20! (With "my" Concorde at EDDF I am also satisfied with 10 - but for e.g. a dogfight you certainly need more!)
  • Try several rendering options and see how much influence they have:
View → Rendering Options
  • Use the "Reload Scenery” button at the bottom to make sure all of the current scenery is loaded and shown
    • set Animated Jetways →off
    • set Custom Settings → off
    • 3D Clouds → usually may remain on (but you should try)
    • Atmospheric light scattering → did not have a big influence for me
  • View --> Adjust LOD Ranges
LODs (Level Of Detail) have of course a very big influence - especially while moving! Because the scenery-tiles for scenery 2.12. became much bigger - they need of course lots of more PC and Video-Card and Memory power to display them! If your frame-rate is marginal, try to adjust a little during a full approach from at least 20 mi out, all the way down to the terminal and watch also other planes when they become visible!
There are 4 levels of details defined -- and you define at what distance the different levels shall be used - and thus you define how much more or less data your system must work with! The default settings are:
  • Detailed = 1500 m
  • Rough = 9000 m
  • Bare = 30000
  • AI = 10000 (i.e. do not try to spot an aircraft further out than 10 km)
  • Make sure that you do not mix any part of the previous scenery tiles with any of the new ones. I suggest:
    • rename your now existing "scenery" and "terrasync" directories to e.g. "sceneryOLD" and "terrasyncOLD"
    • create new "scenery" and "terrasync" directories (that way you do not have have to change your directory-definitions and still have a "fall back option")
    • then fill up those new ones by
  • At the end I suggest:
  1. set the frame-rate a little lower then the average shown - that will prevent from erratic changes that may irritate you and may even crash your system!
  2. If you have disabled or changed some values, decide if you want to keep the changed values or change them back

If that all did not help: Remember the wikis named at the top for much more tips and details.