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Message Regarding JPA Continuation

Are you still doing JPA? If so, can I help? And if not, can we (SIA) acquire it?

Woah!, not so fast! JPA has just had it's maiden flight (A cargo flight from Aomori to Vladivostok) and it is still getting itself airborne. I think I will make it a 75% cargo 25% passenger airline, as passengers seem to prefer SIA (lol). Thanks for your offer of help, but I think I'm OK just now. --Armchair Ace 13:31, 26 November 2009 (UTC)


Regarding the "drawing board aspects": I think AVE is acceptable because Jason has already planned out the whole AVE. All we need to decide on is our third aircraft.

Now, stuff like ATC service and stuff does NOT belong there. Somebody put that in...which I do not know who.