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I'm Laserman. My callsign is d-laser.
My nick on the forum is pommesschranke.
sometimes you can find me on



Videos(mostly RC Heli, electronics, ...)

stuff that I did, am doing and plan to do


I help others via forum and mumble to get started with FlightGear, Scenery Development, modelling with Blender...

(GPL) Software

  • project3000: - enhance airports automatically with many shared models. Creates ICAO.jetways.xml files, too.
  • - additional detail for genapts850 and 'buildings.osm'-generator for osm2city
  • and : tools to download airport layouts (ICAO.dat & ICAO.txt) from
  • converter script: converts from gpx files (from JOSM or other sources) into .stg lines
  • reads with WED) and writes .stg line to STDOUT
  • tools for reading & generating apt.dat (from/to ASCII, Postgres, sqlite)
  • tools to convert parking locations and taxisigns from/to apt.dat, groundnet.xml, nnnnnn.stg
  • && Convert groundnets from apt.dat to ICAO.groundnet.xml
  • a little python script that receives properties via USB-serial and forwards to FlightGear via UDP socket
  • the firmware for my Hardware Panel written in C (avr-gcc)
  • FlightGear_TQPanel - a multitouch, multiplatform python/kivy app

(GPL) custom scenery packages

airport improvements (static & shared objects in Terrasync)


  • EBAW Antwerpen-Deurne
  • EBBE Beauvechain Airport MIL
  • EBBR Brussels Airport
  • EBBY Baisy-Thy
  • EBBZ Buzet
  • EBCF Cerfontaine
  • EBCI Brussels South
  • EBFS Florennes MIL
  • EBGB Grimbergen
  • EBLG layout is incomplete, no buildings yet
  • EBOS Oostende-Brugge
  • EBSG Saint-Ghislain
  • EBSW Sint-Pieters-Leeuw heliport
  • EBTY Tournai


  • LDZA Zagreb


  • EDDL Done Done
  • EDDG Done Done
  • EDDV Done Done
  • EDLM 50}% completed
  • EDLB Done Done
  • EDLK Done Done
  • EDLN Done Done
  • EDLV Done Done
  • EDLW Done Done


  • LJLJ Done Done
  • LJAJ Done Done
  • LJSG 80}% completed
  • LJCE Done Done
  • LJPZ Done Done
  • LJMB 10}% completed

canary islands

  • GCLP (shared)terminal has wrong location
  • GCXO has good groundnet in TerraGIT, no flightplans to/from GCXO ?
  • GCRR no buildings but 6 AI jetways. groundnet is parking only, AI-traffic: ryanair
  • GCLA has still the old terminal. groundnet good, AI-traffic: Iberia937
  • GCGM shared building, groundnet is parking only
  • GCHI groundnet good

rest of the world

  • MDPC
  • OMDB
  • ZBAA
  • RJBB
  • EGLL
  • VTBS

static models (in Terrasync)

  • Halde Hoheward Done Done
  • Zénith de Strasbourg Done Done
  • Gasometer Oberhausen Done Done bug in ground elevation data :-(
  • Gasometer Herne Done Done
  • Hoesch Gasometer Dortmund Done Done ...from nothing to upload: only 4 hours!
  • Tetraeder Bottrop Done Done - lights are still missing
  • Colosseo Rome Done Done
  • BMW museum Munich Done Done
  • BMW tower Munich Done Done
  • Olympiaturm Munich Done Done
  • Ruhrtalbrücke Done Done
  • Flughafenbrücke Düsseldorf Done Done
  • Hohenzollernbrücke Cologne Done Done
  • Cologne Cathedral Done Done
  • Kölnarena Done Done
  • EDDF pier(Flugsteig) "A plus" Done Done
  • EDDL texturing the terminal Done Done
  • EDLW terminal & tower Done Done
  • EDDG buildings Done Done
  • EDLK hangars Done Done
  • animated Rheinturm Düssseldorf Done Done
  • Westfalenhallen Dortmund Done Done
  • Atomium - new version with smooth spheres, nicer chrome effect and windows. reduced file size from 863KB to 516KB Done Done
  • LJCE tower Done Done
  • LJAJ hangar Done Done
  • LJAJ: Pipistrel Factory Done Done
  • LJSG hangar Done Done
  • Florianturm Dortmund Done Done
  • Trabrennbahn Recklinghausen tower Not done Not done
  • EDLM buildings Not done Not done
  • OMDB terminals and hangars Done Done
  • RJBB terminal 1 and tower Done Done

shared models

  • a simple horse race track Done Done
  • tennis court Done Done
  • 36m church in red, green and blue Done Done
  • 60x60m castle Done Done
  • red brick chimney Done Done
  • improve the 50m power pylon - I don't like how the top looks, better use a texture than many vertices ? 70}% completed
  • improve generic skyscrapers Done Done
  • solar park Done Done
  • H-shaped barracks Done Done

see also:

shared Models for Project3000:

airport layouts (WED)

Slovenia still to do:

  • LJBO Bovec
  • LJSO Sostanj/Velenje
  • LJSK Slov. Konjice
  • LJPT Ptuj
  • LJHJ ?
  • LJHL Heliport UKC
  • LJPO Postojna
  • LJCL Celje

LR high priority list (2/2017):

  • YSSY Sydney 2D 36824 by author: chrisk
  • KDTW Detroit 2D 50005 by author: WEDbot
  • LEMD Madrid 2D 44414 by author: Evaristo2005
  • VIDP Dehli 2D 50308 by author: WEDbot
  • WIII Jakarta 2D 33052 by author: WEDbot
  • VABB Mumbai 2D 49762 by author: WEDbot
  • RPLL Manila 2D 25302 by author: WEDbot
  • YMML Melbourne 3D??? 50617 by author: WEDbot
  • LIRF Roma 3D 50950 by author: WEDbot
  • KCLT Charlotte 3D 45787 by author: llstal 2016-12-15
  • EGKK London Gatwick 2D 50521 by author: WEDbot,legoboyvdlp
  • LEMD Madrid 2D 44414 by author: Evaristo2005
  • ZUUU Chengdu
  • ZGSZ Shenzen

terrain (TerraGear)

Bugfix release for some flooded airports. I did not make them, I just make them available

Updated Layouts (ICAO.btg.gz) for more than 2000 airports:

(based on new airport layouts (12/2015) from

I use NickR's terragear scripts:

AI ground networks and startup locations

ICAO.groundnet.xml files with AI ground networks(900 airports) and parking locations(7900 airports)

The tools I used:

parking and groundnet:

  • (read apt.dat write to sqlite )
  • (read from sqlite and create folders and files in Airports folder)

lists of airports with ground networks

animated jetways

I do debugging and documentation of animated jetways. I helped to make them for EDDF and enable more aircraft to use them. There are at least 2 kind of animated jetways in Flightgear which are technically different. Both are made by the same author(skyop).


I did build a hardware cockpit panel with EFIS,MCP and radio for FlightGear:

(GPL) firmware for the atmega32 microcontroller:

new germanwings livery for A320,A319...

(quick & dirty)


  • 3300 object locations in Slovenia
  • map more building heights / levels


I accept donations. Contact me via Forum:pommesschranke or Wiki if you like to make a donation via Paypal. Making scenery needs a fast PC.