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My interests regarding Flightgear

Continue to improve CRJ700 family

  • Improve FDM
  • Canvas EFIS (glass cockpit)

Get a deeper understanding of Yasim

  • Expose internals to property tree
  • Visualize what the FDM is doing, plot tool needed
  • understand idrag, drag, flap details

Ideas on how to extend YASim

  • Extend the wing element to support multiple segments (instead of using wing + mstabs) so we can calculate stuff like MAC for the full wing.
  • Add features to help AC development, e.g. calculate a ballast to trim CG to a specified range (%MAC or absolute)


  • Canvas_Sandbox#2D_Plotting MathGL looks very very powerfull, should be integrated into FG as a canvas widget, fgplot problem solved

Memory extender

My brain dump for details I forget all the time ;)


var listener_id = setlistener(<property>, <function> [, <startup=0> [, <runtime=1>]]);

Here is the syntax supposing you have set a callback function named myCallbackFunc via setlistener (setlistener(myNode, myCallbackFunc)):

myCallbackFunc([<changed_node> [, <listened_to_node> [, <operation> [, <is_child_event>]]]])


var settimer = func(function, time, realtime=0)