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This template suggestion is a draft on a userpage.

I will be back to this shortly. Feel free to have a peek.

I notice that there is a lot of repetition and thus room for a subtemplate.

Please suggest changes to this draft on the discussion page.

Main FlightGear repository

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This meta template is used by other templates as lookup table. It will return attributes associated with project infrastructure websites.


{{project infrastructure|infrastructure|attribute|urn=|label=}}

All parameters are optional. The label parameter can only be used when value of the attribute parameter is link. If no parameter is given a link to the SourceForge project page will be returned.

Name of the infrastucture, for example forum, wiki or main. Defaults to main-repo.
Attribute associated with the infrastructure to return. Defaults to link.
Returns an internal code for the host used by other templates (in essence an abbreviation)
Returns an external link
Returns the name of the infrastructure
Returns an url to the infrastructure
Optional string with path, queries, parameters and fragments to use with the url and link attributes.
Optional label to use with the link attribute.

Available parameters and attributes:

Infrastructure Attributes urn label
code link name url
buildserver N/A FlightGear build server FlightGear build server Yes Yes
forum N/A FlightGear forum FlightGear forum Yes Yes
main sf Main FlightGear repository SourceForge Yes Yes
mapserver N/A FlightGear mapserver FlightGear mapserver Yes Yes
website N/A website website Yes Yes
wiki N/A FlightGear wiki FlightGear wiki Yes Yes


{{project infrastructure}}

Main FlightGear repository

{{project infrastructure|forum}}

FlightGear forum

{{project infrastructure|forum|code}}

{{User:Johan G/project infrastructure}}: Attribute code invalid for infrastructure forum

{{project infrastructure|forum|link}}

FlightGear forum

{{project infrastructure|forum|name}}

FlightGear forum

{{project infrastructure|forum|url}}

{{project infrastructure|forum|link|urn=viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28727|label=Forum Rules topic}}

Forum Rules topic

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