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This months newsletter

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template will link to the current FlightGear Newsletter. If it does not yet exist this template will show a red link that when clicked will load a FlightGear Newsletter example with common headings, templates and categories already there, as well as some helpful comments for the editor.


{{This months newsletter |subpage-to= |year= |month=}}

All parameters are optional

Create the next newsletter as a subpage to subpage-to instead of as a separate page. Can be used for sandbox experiments as a subpage to your user page.
Using this option the normal categories will not be included.
Use year instead of the current year
Use month instead of the current month


Examples using different options.

Known issues

While it is stated that "Using this option the normal categories will not be included." they currently in fact are.

Technical description

The template will preload a subpage (User:Johan G/Template:This months newsletter/Newsletter example) to this template with a FlightGear newsletter example for the editor that clicks the link.

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