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This template simplifies creating templates for highlighting table cells.


The text and background colour can be set as well as text alignment. Additional fine tuning can be done using CSS style rules.

Search the wiki for Template:<intended name>. If it does not exist, create a new template with the below substitution and with parameters of your choice:

{{subst:Table cell templates|text= |colour= |bg= |align= |valign= |style=}}

All parameters are optional.

  • text= Text, may include links
  • bg= Background colour, a CSS colour or name, defaults to lightgrey
  • color= Text colour, a CSS colour or name, defaults to black
  • align= Horizontal text alignment, left, right, center or justified, defaults to center
  • valign= Vertical text alignment, defaults to middle
  • style= CSS style rules separated by semicolon

Remember to manually check the resulting template and add documentation with {{Informative template}}.

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Based on the English Wikipedia's Template:Table cell templates.