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By synthesising sounds with Audacity, a free and open source audio editing software, one can add aircraft sounds that are relatively close to real sounds when (good) GNU GPL compatible sounds are hard to come by.

On sound

A word on decibels


Some tips when listening

The basic tools

Check sampling frequency!


Effect > Normalize... > x Remove dc offset, x max amplitude -3 dB > Preview > OK

Spectrum analysis

Analyze > Plot Spectrum...

Note dB axis!

Creating noise tracks

Generate > Noise... > White, 0.6, 5—10 seconds

Synthesising sound with FFT filter and white noise

Draw, listen and compare, rinse and repeat.

Aircraft sounds

Aerodynamic sounds



Wosh, squeak


Wosh, buffeting, mechanical vibrations, note about controlling Reynolds number with sound


Engine sounds

Combustion, heat and turbulence

RPM, vibrations and overtones

Reciprocating engines

Jet engines

Tire sounds

Wosh, Brrrr, klonk

Mechanical sounds

Electro-acoustic sounds

Sound in the cockpit

Sound sources

Sound level

Fighter cockpits: 80—110 dB(A)

Attenuation in a flight helmet

Unwanted sound in analysed recordings

Wind noise


Electrical interference

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