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A user page in the User namespace is associated with each registered user of the FlightGear wiki. For the user Example his user page would be User:Example.

Your user page is a good place to present yourself, have to-do lists, etc. You can also create subpages with drafts etc. and link to them from your user page. Each page in the User namespace also have a discussion page often used to comment on edits and collaborate.

In lists of changes and comment signatures the link to a user will go to his page in the user namespace. You can also link to user pages in using the {{usr}} template.

Note  It is usually considered rude to edit other users user pages or subpages. Instead leave a comment on the discussion page.

Show and tell

Tip  The {{user}} infobox template can be a good start.

Use your user page to tell a little by yourself, what you are working on, any favorite aircraft or places to fly etc.

User discussion pages

Note  Please always sign your comments on discussion pages with four tildes (~~~~). This will automatically add a time stamp and a link to your user page, and will make it easier to follow a discussion.

The user pages have associated discussion pages. These pages are typically where you would comment if there is issues with recent edits by someone else. These are also where you would collaborate with other.

If the discussion is about a certain page on the wiki or about the wiki in general, the discussion is better held on the discussion page of that page or on the village pump.


Subpages to your user page is a good way to have drafts, notes, to-do lists etc., but still have a clean looking user page. To make them easier to find you could add links to them on your top user page.

Creating subpages

To create a subpage:

  1. Copy the name of your user page, including the User: namespace prefix
  2. Paste it into the search box
  3. Add a slash and then a suitable name of your subpage

For example a sandbox page for the user Example could be User:Example/Sandbox.

Moving pages to the main namespace

When you have a draft that you feel is ready to put in the main/article namespace you move the entire draft to the main namespace.

You move your draft to the article namespace by:

  1. Go to you draft unless you already are on it
  2. Click on the More tab just to the left of the search box
  3. Change the namespace to (Main)
  4. Remove your user name and the slash from the new title
  5. Add a reason for the move, for example "Draft is now good enough for the main namespace".
  6. Since it is was draft, that likely nobody has linked to, you might want to uncheck the Leave a redirect behind
  7. Leave the box Watch source page and target page checked if you want any changes in the page to be appear in your watchlist and be highlighted on the recent changes page if you are logged in.
  8. Click on the Move page button.

To make it easier to find or stumble upon you should also add a category, unless you use templates that does that, and links to it from articles relevant to it. For example, a new template should have a category link that places it in a suitable template category, and likely also links to similar templates.