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This is a draft on a userpage.

Please suggest changes to this draft on the discussion page.

Where exactly are the distinctions between Core, FGData, FGAddon etc?

FIXME: This should probably be a table with (1) the source code repositories, (2) the parts, like FG, SG, etc, (3) primary places for discussion, like dev mail list, forum, etc.

Mostly it depends on the source code repositories:

Is the FlightGear executable and libraries (in essence the executables compiled from the FlightGear, SimGear and likely FGCom repositories).
Is the data that is included with into every installation (in essence the FGData repository).
Is the aircraft and other optional addons that users can download (in essence from the FGAddon repository).
  1. Are the servers that users can download scenery from in the background while flying.
  2. Is the part of the FlightGear executable that downloads scenery from in the background while flying.