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The table of models currently doesn't hold information on all of the available official aircraft. Also there could be some more information in there.

I'm not still sure that the table of models is the right place for all this information.

Some improvements could be:

  • Being able to build it from a CSV file through e.g. a Python script
  • Sortable by (some?) of the columns
  • Make it consistently use <Manufacturer> <Model> <Submodel> <"codename"> (And maybe even move some pages)
  • Additional information:
    • Command line name
    • Model path (since it is the name of the aircraft as used in the multiplayer system)
    • Development status
    • Aircraft rating ((1..5)(1..5)(1..5)(1..5))
    • ICAO aircraft type designators e.g. B733 for Boeing 737-300
    • Aircraft approach category (APC) (A..E) [1]
    • Wake turbulence class (WTC) (Light|Medium|Heavy|J Super heavy) [2]
    • Aircraft type code ((Land based|Amphibious|Helicopter|Tilt rotor)(0..8 engines)(Propeller|Turbine|Jet)) (Is this an official system or just an ad hoc system by Skybrary?)


See my proposal at Talk:Table of models. I think adding the fgname parameter and aircraft rating system might make the table too big. Some craft have a huge number of *-set.xml files. I also think that scripting this might be useful, but that it wouldn't be too good for keeping in sync with the manually created and maintained craft wiki pages, where the wiki page name does not match anything in FGAddon, and especially 3rd party hangar aircraft in the wiki that cannot be scripted. For the craft type, maybe a second column could be added so you have Category:Aircraft first and then Category:Helicopters, for example (or Category:Fictional aircraft).

Bugman (talk) 06:15, 21 November 2017 (EST)