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My name is Claus Christmann, I currently am a student in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Facility (UAVRF) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. You can find my private site at

I got started with FlightGear as a work project: Find/Implement/Code a flight simulator of a commercial transport aircraft that has a non-steam-gauge cockpit and a full autopilot and expand the functionality of those two units by introducing an Emergency Path Generator (EPG).

The EPG would automatically compute (optimal) trajectories to reachable landing sites, based on the current (potentially non-nominal) dynamics of the aircraft. The implementation of the EPG should be done s.t. human-in-the-loop test could be conducted to evaluate and improve the user interface of the EPG (and its interconnection with other cockpit units, e.g. EHSI, PFD, ...)

Claus, 11/30/2010