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Welcome to my UserPage.. !!

Note 1: Today's date: Thursday May 13, 2021
Note 2: Chillz is a NEW editor on the FlightGear wiki.

Note 3: Chillz joined the wiki project on 14 June 2020.

Note 4: Chillz has amassed over 10 contributions to the FlightGear wiki.

Note 5: Chillz is destined to become an ADMIN on the FlightGear wiki!

Note 6: If you get the time, feel free to check out her sandbox.

Note 7: Chillz is real good at fixing grammatical errors.

Note 8: Chillz is on the look out for any VANDALISM. She is a 24/7 recent changes PATROLLER.

Note 9: Need any help or assistance with anything? Leave her a NOTE on her talk page! (Emails not allowed!)