The FlightGear Initialization Sequence

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FlightGear Initialization takes places in $FG_SRC/Main/fg_init.cxx this is where subsystems are added. This is also the right place to make subsystems optional.

Cquote1.png in general, the process of removing a subsystem involved editing fg_init.cxx and navigating to createSubsystems() and removing unneeded stuff there, but that is an inherently fragile process - as per the "initialiing Nasal early"-journey documented on the wiki, because FG was never designed with this requirement in mind, and still is not being maintained/developed accordingly (despite HLA and similar efforts).

Idle States

There are a number of so called "idle states" which are changed during initialization:

/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:3
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:4
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:5
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:7
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:8
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:9
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:10
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:900
/sim/startup/current-idle-state changed:1000