TerraGear Installation for Windows

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TerraGear build for Windows requires several libraries, some which must be downloaded separately.

TerraGear Windows Build

Download the latest Terragear Windows build archive from the FlightGear Build Server.

Select a logical location on your system for TerraGear. It can be anywhere but for clarity the instruction below are for C:\Program Files .

Extract the TerraGear Archive to a temporary location on your system. In the examples below, the archive was extracted to C:\Archive

  • Move C:\Archive\install\msvc100\TerraGear\ to C:\Program Files
  • Move C:\Archive\CGAL\auxiliary\gmp\lib\libgmp-10.dll to C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin\
  • Move C:\Archive\CGAL\auxiliary\gmp\lib\libmpfr-4.dll to C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin\
  • Move C:\Archive\gdal\bin\gdal110dev.dll to C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin\
  • Move C:\Archive\3rdParty\msvcp71.dll to your TerraGear GUI root directory (if you use TerraGear_GUI)
  • Move C:\Archive\3rdParty\msvcr71.dll to your TerraGear GUI root directory (if you use TerraGear_GUI)

Required Libraries

Download the CGAL library from the Build Server and save the dll into C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin\

Download the Cartographic Projections Library from http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/ You only need one file, proj.dll, from this archive. Save proj.dll into to C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin\


If you chose C:\Program Files for your location when you are done you should have following directory structure.

  • C:\Program Files\TerraGear\bin
  • (contains 15 .exe files and 5 .dll files)
  • C:\Program Files\TerraGear\share\TerraGear
  • (contains 15 .txt files)

If you use TerraGear GUI its "TerraGear root" will be C:\Program Files\TerraGear