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Elgaton investigated a variety of alternatives for building a portable Linux TerraGear version (which can be run under BOINC). In a nutshell, the main issue is finding an old distribution that we can compile SimGear and Terragear on, having:

  • a sufficiently old version of glibc (so that the build will run on most Linux distributions), but
  • a sufficiently recent version of GCC (>= 4.8.1, the first one which supports C++).[1]

So, the (most straightforward) solution, for now, is:

  1. attempting to build the latest GCC on the BOINC builder VM;
  2. compile SimGear, TerraGear and all required libraries with it (the executables will probably be linked with RPATH instead of statically to minimie the size of upgrades). [2]
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