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The $FG_SRC/docs-mini/*.readme files?

On the article Canvas Properties, I have noticed the link to https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/flightgear/ci/next/tree/docs-mini/README.canvas (after fixing the broken link). Should this template be extended to handle these developer README files as well? Or would a dedicated {{flightgear readme file}} template be a better option?

Bugman (talk) 03:34, 9 March 2016 (EST)

After 8 years with FlightGear's forum and wiki I think I have hardly heard about them. But they ring a bell.
Skimming through and comparing a couple of them with the $FG_ROOT/Docs/*.readme files in FGAddon, it seems they are nearly identical, with the FGAddon ones possibly a bit more up to date.
So no, I do not think we need a template for both, but I do wonder why they exist in both places.
Johan G (Talk | contribs) 12:40, 9 March 2016 (EST)