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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template can be used to show a different text if it is not used on a page in the user namespace, the namespace used for user pages. It can also be used for category suppression, to avoid that a page is categorized if it is not in the user namespace

If more than one namespace need to be handled, use {{namespace detect}}.


{{user other|text if user|text if other |demospace=}}
text if user
Optional text to use if the template is on a page in the user namespace.
text if other
Optional text to use if the template is on a page in any other namespace.
Optional namespace override. If it is empty or undefined the namespace of the page with the template on will be used, if it is user then text if user will be shown and if it is other or any other namespace then text if other will be used.


Text selection

Since this is not a user page {{user other|this text will not be shown|this text will be shown}}.

Since this is not a user page this text will be shown.

However with {{user other|a little bit of cheating|this text will not be shown|demospace=user}}...

However with a little bit of cheating...

Category suppression

Using the template like this will only categorize a page when it is in the user namespace:

{{user other|[[Category:Multilingual users]]}}

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