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  • allow layers to be configured per aircraft ticket #1388
  • use switches hash to procedurally create a GUI dialog with buttons for each toggle_action (TFC,CTR,WXR etc) Not done Not done
  • make sure that the frameworks with properly with time-warp, sim-rate speed-up and replay Not done Not done
  • remove (old) disabled layers Done Done
  • use MapStructure options hash to encode things like nav/comm stuff (anything referencing /instrumentation/) Not done Not done
  • make the timer update interval configurable via constructor Not done Not done
  • consider adding hooks to generalize those huge conditionals in update() some more Not done Not done
  • use foreach() to hide()/show() or setVisible() groups of symbols Not done Not done
  • make this more aircraft agnostic by getting rid of 747/Boeing specific assumptions Not done Not done
  • unify switch/case|default handling (again, huge conditionals in there) Not done Not done
  • on_update() helper should probably support global listeners and timers, too - i.e. via a hash spec ? Not done Not done
  • the whole symbol lookup needs to cleaned up (getElementById etc) Not done Not done
  • introduce a common "compute" field in the update/predicate hash and make its results available to is_true/false etc Not done Not done
  • use io.include to include boeing specific stuffDone Done (see navdisplay.styles for now)
  • NDSourceDriver should be generalized and combined with MapStructure's aircraftpos.controller Not done Not done
  • the radio/autopilot listeners need to be set up in the lcontroller file, they're just empty stubs for now Not done Not done
  • there are 3 foreach loops in newMFD() setting up symbols currently-we only need ONE: loop 2+3 should be removed and use the loop #1 method Not done Not done
  • clean up the ctor and generalize the newMFD() method Not done Not done
  • move stuff out of the update() method into the aircraft-specific configuration hash Not done Not done
  • generalize/extend on_update() method to support other (global) properties and/or listeners/timers to run predicates Not done Not done
  • identify opportunities for improving the framework Not done Not done
  • support multiple routes (WPT/RTE), as per the Nasal Flightplan API (Hooray) Not done Not done
  • move the config hash out of the navdisplay.mfd file and use io.include instead Not done Not done
  • document SVG symbols currently assumed to be available in the ctor Not done Not done
  • consider using some of the SGCondition/StateMachine stuff in SG Not done Not done