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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is used to show a link to a template, together with its parameters as wiki markup.



Only the template parameter is mandatory.

Template to be linked to
Up to ten parameters






Known issues

Some characters will break templates when used inside template parameters, one of them is the equal sign "=" when used directly behind other characters. A few was around that is to use {{=}} or <nowiki>=</nowiki> instead.

Sometimes there are other problems as well, but in many cases using numbered parameters will help. For example using:

{{tlx|fgdata commit|commit|3=''t=''}}

{{fgdata commit|commit|t=}}

instead of:

{{tlx|fgdata commit|commit|''t=''}}

{{fgdata commit|commit}}

Related templates

  • {{tl}} which does not show any parameters
  • {{tlxr}} which shows the parameters as separate rows