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Site: Gitorious

The Gitorious URLs are predominantly query rather than path based. And only the https:// protocol is supported. The base URL constructed by this template is:


Gitorious <URL> for 'type=git'

For this parameter value, the complete <URL> value will be:


Gitorious <URL> for 'type=git web'

As the current archival system is based on queries — the text after the ? character — absolutely any random path after the gitorious.org/ domain name can be used. But, for aesthetics, the project and repository name will be appended by this template. The <URL> will be:


The <QUERY> string consists of parts for the project and repository (p=), the type of view (a=), the path (f=), and the commit, branch or tag (h= or hb=, depending on the view). The <URL> fragment for the project and repository is constructed as:


The <URL> fragment for the view is constructed as:


Where <VIEW> is the value of the view parameter, if supplied, with the value of raw translated to blob_plain. If not supplied, the value of blob is used if path is given, commit if commit is given, or summary otherwise. The <URL> fragment for the path is constructed as:


If the view parameter is set to one of blob, raw, or tree, the <URL> fragment for the commit, branch or tag is constructed as:


Otherwise it will be:


In summary, the full web URL will be:


Gitorious URL <TEXT>

The link text <TEXT>, if the full parameter is not set, will be:


If the simplepath parameter is set, this changes to:


If the pre parameter is supplied, this changes to:


The text parameter trumps all, and <TEXT> is simply:


The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


To provide documentation of the design of the {{repo link}} family of templates. This is only for use within documentation of the subtemplates.