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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template adds a block quotation to an article page.

This is easier to type and more wiki-like than the equivalent HTML blockquote tags, and has additional pre-formatted attribution and source parameters.


This template can be used with both unnamed, numbered and named parameters.

Usage with unnamed parameters


Usage with numbered parameters


Usage with named parameters



All parameters are optional.

1, text
Text to be quoted. Defaults to Lorem ipsum...
2, sign
Name or nickname of person quoted. Preferably with a link to a user page. Defaults to Someone.
3, source
The source to the text quoted, preferably using the {{cite web}} template or an URL. Defaults to Source.

Known issues

When using the template with unnamed parameters, an equal sign (=) will break the template. The workaround is to either use <nowiki>=</nowiki> or the {{=}} template.

Related templates

  • {{cquote}} – For pull quotes (quoted sections from elsewhere in the same wiki article)
  • {{quotation}} – Like this one, but within a frame.