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Currently using downloaded rasters. Would be better replaced with vector data, see original plans at Canvas_Maps#Vector_data. We do already have a SHP parser, that’s how the launcher loads the SHP data used in the launcher map: but loading for display is much easier than a robust ‘is point inside an arbitrary complex polygon’ tester.[1] Using GDAL/CGAL for other features has been repeatedly discussed on the devel list, i.e. for WS 3.0 to create the meta-texture at runtime from the vector data - i.e use CGAL + GDAL to ‘paint’ the vector data into textures as they are needed. This means the resolution of the meta-texture tiles can be adaptive, which gives a trivia solution to handling roads and similar - draw them into the meta texture (or an additional one) adaptively based on distance from viewer, etc.[2] CGAL/GDAL are not so problematic to consider shipping. (They are well maintained, well supported on Windows, and have sane build systems). We would want some warning and time to handle it, but should definitely not consider this particular point to be a blocker for more advanced runtime features. [3]

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This template can be used when mentioning that something in the Canvas Maps framework could need vector data instead of raster data.



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