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This template is the main template used for the layout of the main page and the portals.

Note: Please as well look at the main page to see how the portal layout templates are used.


{{Main page/Header
 | title        = 
 | subtitle     = 
 | rightbox     = 
 | introduction = 
 | rightcolumn1 = 
 | rightcolumn8 = 
 | sections     = 

Only the title is mandatory, though the portal would look a bit odd.

Title of the portal.
Subtitle to be shown below the title.
Contents for the right side of the top bar of the layout.
Introductory text to be shown between the top bar and the sections.
Panes in the right column used as sections for the most used pages, up to 8 panes can be used.
Sections for the middle of the page using the {{Main page/Leftbox}} template.

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