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Template Language
{{ar}} Arabic
{{pt-br}} Brazilian Portuguese
{{ca}} Catalan, Valencian
{{zh}} Chinese
{{nl}} Dutch
{{en}} English
{{fi}} Finnish
{{fr}} French
{{de}} German
{{el}} Greek
{{it}} Italian
{{ja}} Japanese
{{fa}} Persian
{{pl}} Polish
{{pt}} Portuguese
{{ru}} Russian
{{sr}} Serbian
{{sl}} Slovenian
{{es}} Spanish
{{sv}} Swedish
{{th}} Thai
The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template list all language icon templates (as of August 2020) as a sortable table. It is used in the documentation of many of the language templates.

Language icon templates are used to indicate that a paragraph is in a certain language, both for humans and for language dependent software, for example text-to-speech software.


Insert the below where you want the table shown.

{{language icon templates}}

The template have no parameters.

Technical details

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