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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is used by infobox templates.

Adding this template to a page but without content will automatically add Category:Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows to that page.

Caution This is a very complicated template that is used on many pages. Please refrain from editing this template directly unless it both is really needed and you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.


| child      =

| title      =
| name       =
| above      =
| subheader  =
| subheader2 =
| image      =
| caption    =
| image2     =
| caption2   =

| header1    =
| label1     =
| data1      =
| header80   =
| label80    =
| data80     =

| below      =

All parameters are optional.

Template head

Used if a row uses an embedded {{infobox}} template.
Mandatory if title is not the same as the template name.
If none of them are the same as the template name the V•T•E links (view/discuss/edit) will not work.
Title of the infobox. Will be shown above the infobox.
Title that will be shown uppermost in the box.
subheader, subheader2
Additional fields which will be shown uppermost in the box, below any above field.
image, image2
Images to show below any subheaders. Should use the full image syntax. Centered by default.
caption, caption2
Captions to show below the images.


There can be up to 80 numbered rows consisting of either headers or label and data.

It might be helpful to make a new template more forward compatible by using non-continuous numbering.

Header to use in row n.
Label to use in row n.
Data to use in row n. If the data is an embedded {{infobox}} template, start the template with child=yes.
Text to show in the bottom of the template. Could for example be references or "see also" links.

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