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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is used internally by {{gallery}} for each of the images in a gallery.


{{Gallery/Aux|file name|caption |width= |height= |lines= |alt=}}

Consider all parameters mandatory.

file name
Name of the image file excluding the File: or Image: prefix. Defaults to Flag of None.png.
Image caption to be shown below the image.
Maximum width of each image in pixels. Defaults to 180.
Maximum height of each image in pixels. Defaults to 180.
Number of text lines needed for the largest caption. Blank lines are appended to smaller captions. A caption that does not fit is cut off. Defaults to 2.
Alt text for the image. Will be used in screen readers, for visually impaired readers etc.

Known issues

For some reason it seems that while defaults are defined in the wiki text of the template they are are not used when using the template without parameters.