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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


Convert a craft's manufacturer into a link to a category page and append the category to the calling page.


{{craft manufacturer
| manufacturer
| pre =
Configuration of the aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or seacraft. Although this can be any text, special parameter values, independent of capitalisation, will be associated with a category. This will result in the creation of an internal wiki link to the category as well as appending the category to the article. See the Craft manufacturer section below for a table of values.
Text to prefix prior to the link text. This is useful for creating lists.

Craft manufacturers

The following tables show the special values for the manufacturer parameter. To extend these lists, both the {{craft manufacturer}} template and {{craft manufacturer/doc}} documentation template need to be updated.


This is for the Category:Aircraft manufacturer subcategory of Category:Aircraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Airbus Airbus Category:Airbus
Antonov Antonov Category:Antonov
Aérospatiale Aérospatiale Category:Aérospatiale
Beechcraft Beechcraft Category:Beechcraft
Bell Bell Category:Bell
Boeing Boeing Category:Boeing
Bombardier Aerospace Bombardier Aerospace Category:Bombardier Aerospace
British Aerospace British Aerospace Category:British Aerospace
British Aircraft Corporation British Aircraft Corporation Category:British Aircraft Corporation
Cessna Cessna Category:Cessna
Convair Convair Category:Convair
Dassault Dassault Category:Dassault
de Havilland de Havilland Category:de Havilland
de Havilland Canada de Havilland Canada Category:de Havilland Canada
Dornier Dornier Category:Dornier
Douglas Douglas Category:Douglas
Embraer Embraer Category:Embraer
English Electric English Electric Category:English Electric
Eurocopter Eurocopter Category:Eurocopter
Extra Extra Category:Extra
Focke-Wulf Focke-Wulf Category:Focke-Wulf
Fokker Fokker Category:Fokker
Glaser-Dirks Glaser-Dirks Category:Glaser-Dirks
Grob Grob Category:Grob
Grumman Grumman Category:Grumman
Hawker Hawker Category:Hawker
Hughes Hughes Category:Hughes
Kawasaki Kawasaki Category:Kawasaki
Let Let Category:Let
Lockheed Lockheed Category:Lockheed
McDonnell Douglas McDonnell Douglas Category:McDonnell Douglas
Messerschmitt Messerschmitt AG Category:Messerschmitt AG
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Category:Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm
Mikoyan and Gurevich Mikoyan and Gurevich Category:Mikoyan and Gurevich
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Category:Mitsubishi
North American Aviation North American Aviation Category:North American Aviation
Northrop Northrop Category:Northrop
Pilatus aircraft Pilatus aircraft Category:Pilatus aircraft
Piper Piper Category:Piper
Pipistrel Pipistrel Category:Pipistrel
PZL Mielec PZL Mielec Category:PZL Mielec
Saab Saab Category:Saab
Sikorsky Sikorsky Category:Sikorsky
Schleicher Schleicher Category:Schleicher
Sud Aviation Sud Aviation Category:Sud Aviation
Sopwith Aviation Company Sopwith Aviation Company Category:Sopwith Aviation Company
Sukhoi Sukhoi Category:Sukhoi
Supermarine Supermarine Category:Supermarine
Tupolev Tupolev Category:Tupolev
Yakovlev Yakovlev Category:Yakovlev


As of yet, no manufacturer categories exist for spacecraft.


As of yet, no manufacturer categories exist for vehicles.


As of yet, no manufacturer categories exist for seacraft.


Stealth aircraft

{{craft manufacturer|Antonov}}


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The {{craft manufacturers}} navigation template should show all of the above craft manufacturers: