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var (width,height) = (320,160);
var title = 'My new Window';

# create a new window, dimensions are WIDTH x HEIGHT, using the dialog decoration (i.e. titlebar)
var window = canvas.Window.new([width,height],"dialog")

# the del() function is the destructor of the Window
# which will be called upon termination (dialog closing)
# you can use this to do resource management (clean up timers, listeners or background threads)
#window.del = func()
#  print("Cleaning up window:",title,"\n");
# explanation for the call() technique at: http://wiki.flightgear.org/Object_oriented_programming_in_Nasal#Making_safer_base-class_calls
#  call(canvas.Window.del, [], me);

# adding a canvas to the new window and setting up background colors/transparency
var myCanvas = window.createCanvas().set("background", canvas.style.getColor("bg_color"));

# Using specific css colors would also be possible:
# myCanvas.set("background", "#ffaac0");

# creating the top-level/root group which will contain all other elements/group
var root = myCanvas.createGroup();
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