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There has been little activity on this since 2014. Is anyone interested? Is anyone actually using the script as written? (it won't run for me because I don't have Atlas...)

Previously, I've used FGRUN to start flightgear. I understand that a new UI is in the works, but in the meantime, scripts seem to be the way to go.

I'd like to have scripts that allow me to build and use various features of flightgear other than plain vanilla. I'd also like to explore what some of the options actually mean.

  • use the http interface
  • use fgpanel
  • run terrasync for a specific area of the world
  • detect and adjust video card settings as appropriate

I'm very good at bash scripting but need a better understanding of currently available options and features of flightgear. I also will need to understand if any special build requirements for optional features. Anyone out there want to help develop anything along these lines? I'm going to start by filling in the blanks and explaining in detail some of the less obvious options. For example, what does it mean to compile with RTI support? Also some of the options defaults are cmake variables. Whats the real default?

The following are build options I've pulled out of the CMakeLists.txt files for simgear and flightgear as a starting point.

Feature Build Option Settings Build Default Run time Command and Option Settings
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE None
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE pr
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE RelWithDebInfo
build type CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE MinSizeRel
build CMake target with cxx flags CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS
build CMake target with c flags CMAKE_C_FLAGS
build or use SimGear as a shared library/framework OFF SIMGEAR_SHARED
build SimGear using the system libExpat OFF SYSTEM_EXPAT
build SimGear without GUI/graphics support ON SIMGEAR_HEADLESS
build SimGear with RTI support OFF ENABLE_RTI
build SimGear's test applications OFF ENABLE_TESTS
build SimGear's sound support ON ENABLE_SOUND
build the sg_pkgutil application ON ENABLE_PKGUTIL
build SimGear to use libCurl as the HTTP client backend OFF ENABLE_CURL
build FlightGear with logging support LOGGING ON
build FlightGear with JSBSim terrain handling code JSBSIM_TERRAIN ON
build FlightGear with special-purpose FDMs SP_FDMS ON
build FlightGear with UIUCModel FDM ENABLE_UIUC_MODEL ON
build FlightGear with LaRCsim FDM ENABLE_LARCSIM ON
build FlightGear with YASIM FDM ENABLE_YASIM ON
build FlightGear with JSBSim FDM ENABLE_JSBSIM ON
build FlightGear with event-based Input support EVENT_INPUT ${EVENT_INPUT_DEFAULT}
build FlightGear with RTI support ENABLE_RTI OFF
build FlightGear with gperftools profiling support ENABLE_PROFILE OFF
build FlightGear with the system's SQLite3 library SYSTEM_SQLITE OFF
build FlightGear with IAXClient/fgcom built-in ENABLE_IAX ON
build FlightGear with DBus screensaver interaction (default on Linux) ) USE_DBUS ${USE_DBUS_DEFAULT}
build IAXClient with the system's speex and speexdsp library SYSTEM_SPEEX ${SYSTEM_SPEEX_DEFAULT}
build IAXClient with the system's GSM library ) SYSTEM_GSM ${SYSTEM_GSM_DEFAULT}
build Flightgear with the system's Flite library ) SYSTEM_FLITE ${SYSTEM_FLITE_DEFAULT}
build Flightgear with the system's HTS Engine library ) SYSTEM_HTS_ENGINE ${SYSTEM_HTS_ENGINE_DEFAULT}
mark this as a nightly build FG_NIGHTLY OFF
include developer-warnings ENABLE_DEV_WARNINGS OFF
build the FGADMIN application ENABLE_FGADMIN ON
build the fgelev application ENABLE_FGELEV ON
build the fgpanel application WITH_FGPANEL ON
build the fgviewer application ENABLE_FGVIEWER ON
build the GPSsmooth application ENABLE_GPSSMOOTH ON
build the terrasync application ENABLE_TERRASYNC ON
build the fgjs application ENABLE_FGJS ON
build the js_demo application ENABLE_JS_DEMO ON
build the metar application ENABLE_METAR ON
build test applications ENABLE_TESTS ON
build the FGCom application ENABLE_FGCOM ON
build the Flite text-to-speech module ENABLE_FLITE ON
build the internal Qt launcher ENABLE_QT ON
html server blank blank
Terrasync blank blank
FGPanel blank blank
Video Card Options blank blank
Rembrandt blank blank
Atlas blank blank
Other blank blank

By the way, What's the status of Atlas?

Callahanp (talk) 15:19, 30 March 2016 (EDT)