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  • The replay system would ideally be subscription based, so that individual aircraft could expose relevant properties/branches that would then be automatically tracked by the Replay System
  • This would ensure that aircraft developers could explicitly configure certain properties to be tracked or not
  • Relevant properties (or property branches) could be selected/ignored, similar to how loading/saving flights and simulator resets should provide fine-grained control over which state is going to be used or not
  • If this approach is pursued, properties could be stored using unique property IDs, as is already done for multiplayer purposes
  • Similarly, the recording resolution should probably be runtime configurable [1] This is a link to the FlightGear forum.
  • it would probably be a good idea to extend the generic I/O protocol in order to re-implement the replay system on top of it
  • Having a way to optional delta-encode blobs of saved properties, would probably help reduce file size