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Using the Red Bull logotype is probably not a good idea. Mojo emailed Red Bull about using the logo in February 2011, see Re: Bell AH-1 Cobra[Released V 1.0] post on the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum., posted Sun Feb 27, 2011. Large portions of his email and Red Bull's answer are cited below.

Cquote1.png Hi There, This may be a very random question but is it regarding the use of the Red Bull logo for a free open source project that I am involved in. The open source project is a free Flight Simulator called FlightGear everything that is created for this simulator (scenery/terrain/aircraft) is done by volunteers in their own time. We have several aircraft that Red Bull uses in its "Flying Bulls" display team and we would like to recreate the liveries that these aircraft use including the use of the logo but there is some debate about whether we can use it or not. Our aim is not to tarnish the reputation of Red Bull but in a way we could help promote it by having it on our aircraft models. We will not be profiting from using the logo as FlightGear is free to everyone who wants to download it and so are the add-ons. Day by day this simulator is getting better by the work the volunteers do on it and we hope to make it even better with the use of your logo. Many thanks and I am willing to answer any questions that you have.
— mojo
Cquote1.png Sadly, we are unable to authorise your request to use our logo because as you will appreciate, the design you are requesting to use is covered by trademark legislation and our lawyers have told us that to assist you would cause legal complications. For the record we do not allow any unrelated parties to use our branding, as it would give the impression to the public at large that we have some kind of association, which in this case we do not. As a result of unscrupulous use of our intellectual property we have to be very restrictive in authorising the use of the Red Bull logo.

I am sorry that we cannot help you on this occasion but thank you for your interest in Red Bull.
— Red Bull

In summary the Red Bull logotype and probably their trademark as well (in essence the name Red Bull) can not possibly be used in FlightGear, due to legal reasons. At least this addon is not a part of the official distribution. What about Green Dragon instead. ;-)

Johan G (Talk | contribs) 08:57, 22 March 2012 (EDT)