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Prioritizing immediately useful information

I'd suggest to look at different variants/instruments and determine what they have in common. Personally, I don't need this degree of exhaustive research to start prototyping a simple framework covering the most basic needs. In fact, once you are covering this level of detail, you could just as well link directly to each instrument's manual instead. Equally, RL configurations are likely to be primarily of interest once we have got something to actually "integrate". So far, it's just talks as far as I can see. In terms of what is "immediately useful", it's mainly a matter of coming up with generic building blocks for the most common needs, e.g.: screens, pages, page elements, page layout, switches/buttons etc. As you can see, none of these components would be specific to any particular instrument, let alone to any particular MFD, which is exactly what "framework coding" is all about: finding a set of infrastructure components that can eventually become the components for modeling/emulating a real device. As someone possibly interested in contributing to this, I do appreciate all the research, but would suggest to focus this on things actually relevant given the current state of things - otherwise, it is easy to get lost in irrelevant details quickly. If you're hoping to do primarily online research or artwork, you should also state so clearly to put things into perspective. Personally, I am most likely to get involved if any coding related to this isn't instrument/aircraft specific, so that this can be reused elsewhere. And for that, I really only need to know a few things about the highest level components - ideally, without being necessarily specific to Garmin either. --Hooray (talk) 11:22, 6 February 2015 (EST)