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Purpose ?

What is the purpose of these pages ?

I4dnf 16:09, 28 December 2012 (EST)

Hi I4dnf, this is a test (while taking a break for breath, translating a big newsletter issue, just in the interview with a contributor with Gijs).
I'm trying to understand how style text can affects shape and message on FGWiki. Also I'm thinking. I'm trying to understand wiki templates, styles an son on. In this test, just an example, and trying to be be consistent with my self on how is (I'm using real information) the way I think FG can show the info. To do so, to be consistent I'm doing it like a visual tour. Not thinking in to change the wiki style, but thinking in how wiki can be used encapsulating existing information into visual tour format that at the same time can be used to atract more people to FG, pilot, developers, users, volunteers.
Yes, this is not a sand box, but sometimes I need a place where to test.
Be free to share your opinion.
Happy New Year.
Aepcam 18:29, 3 January 2013 (EST)
You can set up your own sandbox by creating articles under you user tree (eg. User:Gijs/Sandbox). I don't see what this tour stuff has to do with the wiki though, so maybe you can try to get yourself a webserver if you'd like to test such stuff? So you don't have to use our service (offered to you for free) for that. There are plenty of free services available to build your own website.
And please see my comment on your talk page about the license/source of the images.
Gijs 10:33, 8 January 2013 (EST)
Hi Gijs, aah, I understand creating articles under user tree.
It is obvious that is a visual tour totally related with FG and FG wiki.
If you think I have not to use this your service (offered to me for free) for that, remove it instantly. I was trying both learning and improving FG visual tour, because of that I think I don't need free services and or personal web page for that- because it's not a fishing guide.
About the photos, +- more than a half are doing by me, when I upload them I wish to release them as totally free, it that possible?. Why I have to license them if they will cause cases like the next:
The most other part of the photos are existing photos that have been already released in FG. Wiki license used is the recommend one ccccc's.
3 other photos have been also released to public on Internet with FG related articles.
Same point, if you think those photos can affect negatively FG. Remove them NOW.
I'll try to understand how a public domain Internet released photo related with FG can be censored using cccccc by ourselves. Bad time for freedom if still we use the privative method imposed to Gutenberg.
Do what you'll have to do Gijs, I have no problem, if you think they have to be removed, just do it.
I did it to reach a good end, maybe this is the best good end for them.
Of course it does not change our FG relationship.
oohh I see you too has removed my wiki personal web page. I feel like a troll.
Aepcam 21:50, 8 January 2013 (EST)
I will try to answer your questions/comments:
  • I have nothing against a FG tour, I just said that I don't think the wiki is the right place for it. All these styling and formatting (which I like) is just a lot easier done outside the Mediawiki suit. If you do need the wiki for it, then you can create test articles under your user tree. Right now, the articles are publsihed in the main area and people will think they are correct, supported and in use. Which is not (yet) the case. So for tests, your user tree is the better place.
  • You can click "Use a different license" in the upload form and then select "Public domain".
  • The fact that a photo is published on the internet doesn't mean that you can freely use it. If something doesn't have a clear license attached to it, you must assume that you may not re-use it.
  • I did indeed delete your user page (User:Aepcam), because its only content was "The link that you put on the KSFO page for the airport diagram doesn't work.", which was already solved. So I don't see why that makes you "feel like a troll"?
Gijs 15:25, 26 January 2013 (UTC)
PS: Please use colons to distinguish your replies on talk pages.