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Title Pages should be concise/short

A good example of a title page being too long or too descriptive, "Linux software audio mixing with FlightGear"

It maybe better to rename this page from "Linux software audio mixing with FlightGear" to something more concise. Some options follow: FlightGear Linux ALSA FlightGear Linux ALSA Audio Linux ALSA (As FlightGear can be easily assumed from the domain name and owner of these Wiki pages.)

I just realized, some Linux users might still be using OSS instead of ALSA. Or since OSS is in such a minority, a simple subsection under an Linux ALSA page title might be OK. However here's some further suggestions to encompass everybody,

FlightGear Linux Audio/Sound Linux Audio/Sound Linux Sound Linux Audio FlightGear Linux Audio FlightGear Linux Sound

(The word "audio" was first used in 1907 and usually pertains to the audible or human hearing range of the sound spectrum. The word "sound" has been in use since the 13th Century, but details pretty much anything.)

From my memory, the process of renaming a Wiki page is basically creating a new page with the appropriate title and copying the data from the old page to the new page. And than further opting the old page for deletion. (ie. Wikipedia:Moving a page) --Rogerx (talk) 21:14, 22 April 2014 (UTC)

Suggest Moving/Copying All Linux Audio Related Material (from FGCom) to Here?

I'd suggest moving or copying all Linux related material from the other (many other) FGCom Wiki pages to here. There seems to be quite a few FGCom Wiki pages, with some unstructured data. Maybe just moving all Linux related material from the FGCom wiki pages will help minimize their problems there, while making sure all Linux (ALSA) audio related stuff remains here? --Rogerx (talk) 21:14, 22 April 2014 (UTC)


This article is pretty outdated. These days almost everything including Debian stable runs Pulseaudio which makes the point of the article moot. Adrian (talk) 17:30, 23 April 2014 (UTC)

It has been suggested in a forum PM to me recently that large portions of this page is indeed outdated and that "Nobody uses arts, esd, or aoss nowadays. Everyone, every distro, uses PulseAudio.". It was even suggested that it should be deleted, but I think that only parts of the page are outdated as some of the edits is fairly recent.
I do not know much on the topic of the page though.
Johan G (Talk | contribs) 11:51, 9 December 2014 (UTC)