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Cquote1.png Quick answer is there's a way to make Jenkins do anything, longer answer is I don't know of an easy way that's trivial (or I would have done it already) Ideally Jenkins would upload to a non-public ('incoming') dir and trigger some operation on the server to link / copy the files when the upload succeeds, I just didn't come up with an easy way to make that happen yet.

I run the server, and it can run arbitrary PHP / Perl / cron scripts, it's just a question of what is low complexity to set up. The SCP uploader plugin for Jenkins is quite simple so I can't do much with that - I can run another build action *after* it, the question is what it should do.

— James Turner (2013-08-28). Re: [Flightgear-devel] Release candidates.
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Cquote1.png I’ve been testing the Windows one in particular, because the Windows builds (and the 3.0 release, assuming no issues are encountered) now includes a crash-reporting framework. If you experience a crash, please send a report using the dialog which appears - you can provide some additional info if you wish. Your log file, some system info (processor, time of day, Windows version, path to fgfs.exe) and a crash dump are zipped-up and sent to a server, and using some additional steps a real back-trace can be produced.

(We need to write a privacy policy document for this, current the URL is a 404 - basically saying we promise not to do anything evil with the report info, although I’m not sure how much evil is possible since it’s the same info we ask for in a bug-report - I have switched off the options to include registry contents, and FGFS doesn’t touch the registry anyway)

— James Turner (2014-01-23). [Flightgear-devel] Release candidates.
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