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Atlas Virtual Airlines' leaders recognized!

Atlas Virtual Airlines, FlightGear's most populated airline, has been a hit success in its inaugural months since opening in mid-April. The airline, however, couldn't have made it without the guidance of its two current leaders: MaverickAlex (Alex Park) and SkyWlf77 (Jason Shepard). Besides sinking their own cash into the airline for site domain and software, these two founding members have sorted out many mis-judgements of Atlas and helped to form a strong and community-bonding airline. Jason, the vice-chairman and moderator, helped revamp AVA's standing on the forums and turned many former anti-Atlas-ers into supporting members, which has been very beneficial for the FlightGear multiplayer community. Thanks to him, members can now feel confident to join an airline that was, just months ago, in the midst of intense controversy. Sheperd has taken a strong stand against arguments and flame wars on the Forums, intent on preventing the locked-topics and arguing members that degraded the VA Community during the VA "Dark Ages". But now, Atlas has flourished into a friendship-filled and happy organization that members find enjoyment and fun in.

Meanwhile, Alex, the current chairman and administrator, independently designed an awesome and top-of-the-line VA website for Atlas pilots. He has also worked with nightmares of coding to get drawing-board ideas implemented. And on top of it all, Alex is finishing up his Bombardier Dash-8 400Q, designed especially for Atlas Express flights. This very nicely modeled aircraft will also be available to the public, underlining how Atlas Virtual Airlines is really benefiting all of FlightGear. Alex is the brains behind it all that makes Atlas so sophisticated. His partner, Jason, has the ideas and people-person skills that gives Atlas the openness and fun that attracts its 50-plus members. So, from all of Atlas and those who follow it, thank you, Jason and Alex!

BRIEFS: Atlas celebrated its 50th member this month, a landmark achievement for a VA that is still newborn!

Article by NBHockeyplayer