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Starting November 5, 2012, I made several failed attempts to integrate FGFSCopilot with FlightGear both partially and completely, and eventually dropped the project in frustration.

If you have a minute, could you briefly describe the main showstoppers that you experienced here ? Just wondering, because FlightGear scripting has never been as powerful and complete as it is now - including GUI scripting, thanks to all the work that Zakalawe and TheTom have been doing. And all the interfacing aspects (sockets, telnet) covered by your Java code would be a no-brainer, because Nasal code can directly use setprop/getprop. I haven't yet looked at your latest Java code, but I cannot currently see anything that would be unsupported by the FG/Scripting interface, especially since all the NasalPositioned work has tremendously matured in the meantime. So while I fully understand that you'll continue your Java path, it would still be good to know what you consider missing or even just "frustrating" on the FG side of things. Thanks! --Hooray (talk) 15:27, 25 July 2013 (UTC)