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BreakPad Support

Note  Should look at CrashPad instead
Cquote1.png BreakPad would be useful in getting higher quality crash reports, but I don't think it would help with this case at all - the program isn't crashing! (I have looked at doing the integration, it's certainly possible, patches welcome - unfortunately I think the integration needs to happen in areas which are handled by the osgViewer native GraphicsWindows - eg the WndProc on Windows, and on the NSApplicationDelegate for Mac - none of which we can access without hacking osgViewer)
— zakalawe (Oct 19th, 2013). Re: Loading forever: "loading navigation data".
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the author of CrashRpt has open sourced CrashFix, the report processing component [1], so there is no more need for a separate script (the batch import function of that application can be used to get existing reports into it, as long as reports themselves are divided according to the FG version they refer to). [1] [1]


archiving PDBs only work for an official (Jenkins) build since it needs to match exactly, but if you compiled FG yourself, presumably you can compile a debug version. There’s existing tooling (dbghelp.dll, which I assume the CrashFix tool uses) to combine a MiniDump with PDB files. It does require PDB files from Simgear, FlightGear and ideally OSG, but since we compile all the components, adding the MSVC flags to generate the PDBs, and have Jenkins archive them, is not a huge problem. The only question is which builds we maintain the archive for, since it will add some storage overhead somewhere. In my ideal world we’d have the processing script / tools runs /on the crash uploader server/, but since it’s a DreamHost virtual host, that is tricky. I’m more than happy to adjust the scripts to send theips to ‘someone else’ who can also receive the PDBs from Jenkins and then run the processing tool daily or whenever new reports arrive.[2]

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