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Development Model

I have been looking to do some work on this model, mainly for SCA (Shuttle Carier Aircraft) versions to use with the FlightGear Space Program. It seems that no one has been maintaining the 747-100 for quite some time. I will be playing around with this over the next few weeks/months to see what edits I can make to the mesh without breaking any animations.

  • My mesh edits will cause problems with the texture so I will need to remake the texture map when I am done.
  • I will attempt to perform some of the modeling tasks of the todo list.
  • Most of the mesh is broken up into pieces from the texturing process, I want to make the body & wings one complete mesh, get rid of as many triangles as possible, and do away with as many triangles as possible. This is so Loop-Cuts will go completely around the hull. I will then put the cuts I need so I can breakout the passenger windows into a seperate mesh. I will do the same for the cocpit windows. Triangulated meshes do not make loop cuts easy.
  • I will also cutout the doors.
  • I will place the flooring and walls in of the cargo bay, passenger area and upper passenger area.
  • In the release version of this model, there seems to be several stray vertices, I imagine they were used for getting placement locations of something, I will look at the development version as well. Anyone with information on this please let mee know.
  • I will not be able to make any edits to the cockpit unless it is exactly the same as the SCA version cockpit.
  • I will try not to make any modifications that will affect the .xml files associated with the model. I am not to proficiant on all that should be done with them except x, y, and z placements of objects.

Once those edits are done, and the current texture re-applied. I will upload it to the development version and include the .blend file.

I planned on doing this for the SCA aircraft seperately so I might as well do it for this model since they are the same craft.

japreja (talk) 08:06, 22 May 2015 (EDT)