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I tryed the 0.2 version and would like to comment on some points:

- I think the name of the airplane in the list should be not "Legendary Russian An-2", but simply "Antonov An-2", even though it is a legend actually (but Cessna c172 or P51D are also legendary)

- 44mb unpacked seems too much, I think; maybe texture resolutions and sound quality could be degraded by half (other FG models don't exceed 10mb even with several versions and look and sound fine, check the OV-10A Bronco, for example)

- may be this link [1] should be placed here, in the wiki (for now it is available only at the Russian version of the FG site)

- the pilot's eyes are situated too high and too close to the instrument panel, 3D-cockpit instruments are barely readable from this point of view

- low rpm engine sound is good, but when the speed rises the sound becomes strange

Corrected introductory text from the bundled manual:


This is the model of the legendary Russian An-2. Its first flight took place in 1947 and some aircraft are in service even today.

The model was originally prepared for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Anton Nikolaev in 2005. It became a real hit (only commerical products can be bestsellers) in the Russian flightsim community.

The FlightGear An-2 model was converted from the MSFS version through a specific procedure. FlightGear An-2 model is published under GPL with the author's permission (Anton Nikolaev?).

Textures and sounds were taken without any conversion. 2D panel, 3D cockpit, original instruments, FDM, systems and some other things were converted to FlightGear by Yurik V. Nikiforoff in may 2006 - april 2007.

8 liveries (paintjobs) included.

This is version 0.2 of the model. It has a 3D cockpit and incorporates many improvements to systems, animation etc.

You can see a photo of a real AN-2 here.