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Hello to everyone! I can only download the SID/STAR by paying a fee (of course I did not, I want to fly free!) My experience depends on this tutorial, which seems to be old- because I can not find the top-button called SID/STAR on this website. Is anybody of you able to find a good website, where we can download the SID/STAR for free, so that we can change this article :) bye for now EDDM08R


I found a website:



UPDATE 09/28/21 has current free Stars, IAP, DP plates.

I use the following to generate an fgfs flight plan, get the Airport Diagram to fill in the Radio NAV/DME, get the Departure/Arrival plates for the fix names and altitudes for the approach to line up with the runway, which I look up and add to the .fgfs plan with a text editor. The Launcher tries to generate that info, but current plates are a safer choice to program the autopilot for landing.

  2. - Enter the airport, download the Diagram, IFR Departure and Arrival plates

Psnarf (talk) 02:05, 29 September 2021 (UTC)