State Capitol Buildings in the United States

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State Capitol Buildings

Most U.S. states (39 of the 50) have facilities named "State Capitol". Indiana and Ohio use the term "Statehouse" and eight states use "State House": Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont. Delaware has a "Legislative Hall". The State of Alabama has a State Capitol, but the Legislature has since 1985 met in the State House.

A capitol typically contains the meeting place for its state's legislature and offices for the state's governor, though this is not true for every state. The legislatures of Alabama, Nevada and North Carolina meet in other nearby buildings, but their governor's offices remain in the capitol. The Arizona State Capitol is now strictly a museum, and both the legislature and the governor's office are in nearby buildings. Only Arizona does not have its governor's office in the state capitol, though in Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, Vermont and Virginia,[1] the office there is for ceremonial use only.

In 9 states, the state's highest court also routinely meets in the capitol: Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma (both civil and criminal courts), Pennsylvania (one of three sites), South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The other 40 states have separate buildings for their supreme courts, though in Minnesota and Utah the high court also has ceremonial meetings at the capitol.

Eleven state capitols do not feature a dome: the Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Virginia state capitols.

To clear up a point of confusion, "Capital" is the city where the state seat of government resides and "Capitol" is the building it resides in.

Current Development Status

The project asks volunteers to submit a state capitol building for a state that is NOT LISTED below.

  • US Capitol - Completed

  • California - Taken/In Development
  • Hawaii - Completed
  • Idaho - Completed
  • Louisiana - Completed
  • Nebraska - Completed
  • New York - Taken/In Development
  • North Dakota - Completed
  • Mississippi - Taken/In Development
  • Texas - Completed
  • Washington - Taken/In Development

Developers' Forum Topic

There is a forum topic dedicated to the development of State Capitol Buildings here.