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Created page with " * Canvas MFD Framework {{Progressbar|10}} * Canvas ND Framework {{Progressbar|30}} * Canvas PFD Framework {{Progressbar|10}} * Canvas MCDU Framework {{Progr..."

* [[Canvas MFD Framework]] {{Progressbar|10}}
* [[Canvas ND Framework]] {{Progressbar|30}}
* [[Canvas PFD Framework]] {{Progressbar|10}}
* [[Canvas MCDU Framework]] {{Progressbar|30}}
* [[Canvas EFB Framework]] {{Not done}}

In additon, as part of [[Unifying the 2D rendering backend via canvas]], we're also going to re-implement existing C++ features using the Canvas, which involves writing parsers for existing PropertyList-encoded XML files, such as:

* HUDs
* 2D Panels
* README.layout
* XML GUI dialogs

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