Schönhagen Airport

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135 feet
135 feet
Type Public
Owner Flugplatzgesellschaft Schönhagen mbH
City Trebbin
Runway Length Material
07/25 1510 m Asphalt
12/30 Grass 760 m Grass
Scenery tile e010n50/e013n52
TerraSync not available

Schönhagen Airfield (german: "Flugplatz Schönhagen"), is an airfield located in east Germany, close to the city of Trebbin in the state of Brandenburg.


The airport is located about 2nm / 4km west of the city of Trebbin, 13nm / 24km south of Potsdam and 21nm / 38km south-west of Berlin city center. Because of its proximity to the German capital, Berlin Schönhagen is one of the busiest non-commercial airports in Germany with over 45,000 landings per year.

Schönhagen lays just outside the control zone of Berlin Brandenburg Airport.


The site was first used in 1928 for gliding purposes. During WW2, the field was home to „Reichsschule für Segelflug“ (english: "Imperial School of Gliding"). In the early 1950s, Karl Liebeskind departed from Schönhagen for the first ever flight in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in a SG-38 "Schulgleiter". The field was from now on used for basic pilot training in preparation to a military flying career.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, both runways 07/25 and 12/30 were asphalted. 07/25 was extended to a length of over 1500m. The last flight ever to depart Berlin Tempelhof Airport in November 2008 landed in Schönhagen.

Present use

The airfield is approved for aircraft with MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) of up to 14t, helicopters, gliders and ultralight aircraft. The main runways are lighted and runway 25 is equipped with a "Required Navigation Performance" (RNP) instrument approach from fix MOSEX (see AIP). Presently (2022), five clubs and over 30 companies with 180 aircraft are based at EDAZ.

Schönhagen in FGFS

EDAZ is included in the Berlin custom scenery. All main and secondary buildings are modeled in detail. The airport layout has been modified and many parking positions have been added. RNAV departures and the RNP approach to RW25 are available in the route manager.

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