Scenery status meet Feb 2024

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Notes for a casual meeting for Scenery interested people held online on Feb 4th 2024. The contents just reflects status of different initiatives without specific commitments.


  • Introduction to each other (who, areas of interest in FG, ...).
  • Present purpose and/or status and/or future direction and/or dependencies on different projects (ca. 10 min per project - not mandatory)
  • Discussion of common topics.
  • Possible influence on NEXT.

Notes and Links on Projects

Project/Initiative Links Owner(s) Status / Notes
osm2city Osm2city on wiki, repos on GitLab vanosten, HB-VANO on FG Discord
  • Support for WS 3.0 / NEXT = up-to-date
  • Migration of land-use from Python to C++ = plausible generation of lacking buildings ongoing, rest done
  • Docker image = available
  • FGElev API and memory reduction = not started
  • Integration of instanced scenery object = waiting
  • Better textures for buildings = only conceptual level started
  • Roads/railway bridges, embankments etc. = waiting for WS3.0 settle
  • Street lamps have good heuristics in osm2city - better than the data in OSM = ditto
  • The reflection of mesh buildings vs. random buildings is different = why?
  • Migrate lessons learned from random buildings - incl. normal maps, reflections, roof shader = waiting for random buildings to settle
Random Buildings update Volador on FG forum, volador_uk on FG Discord Summary of progress:
  • TheFGFSEagle has a random buildings development fork with the current work
  • Fahim solved roof texture coordinates that were skewing textures. We can now have skylights and solar panels on pitched roofs as well as tiles/surfaces with improved detail (more work required to avoid clipping roof features).
  • Eagle and Gabo solved lightmap, reflection and normal map problems but still some final tweaks required.
  • A new 4k regional texture atlas available based on the layout of the current atlas for simplicity (now 4k agreed with Stuart and Rick) for UK / maybe Northern Europe?, working on one for Southern Europe but need photo contributions.

Next steps:

  • Enable normal maps (and maybe reflection maps) for roofs (to discuss effort vs return)
  • Fahim to port texture coordinate solutions to the HDR shaders.
  • Gather contributions from the community around the world to create regional textures (should be coordinated to avoid duplication) suggesting only a few key regions to start with.
  • Assign new textures (once complete) to areas of the globe: Help required to implement this.

Resources available for other contributors:

  • Blender project to automatically create roof planes of given tile shape collections with geometry nodes. Output can be texture and also a separate normal map. Basic Blender skills required.
  • Photoshop .psd and gimp templates for rows of houses and shop/apartments ready to share with contributors who can take pics locally, tweak perspective, follow a grid and send them in for integration and slot into larger texture atlases.
WS3.0 Water Features World Scenery 3.0 coastlines Stuart Summary of Progress
  • Created a python script ( to create a high resolution (1m/px) water feature PNG raster including coastlines, lakes, rivers for L6 LoD tiles.
  • The PNG files are compressed and approx 4MB total per 1x1 degree tile.
  • This is read at runtime by FG and for Medium/High/Ultra rendering settings overlays the terrain raster

Next Steps

  • Add to docker image

Discussion Topics

Proposed topics:

  • Scenery build for 2023.4:
   * If based on WS2.0: use FGMS data to select areas with actual traffic to cut down on processing needs (e.g. for osm2city)? 
   * Do we change the default airport?
   * Update airports list?
   * Consider updating the manual to include end-user stuff for osm2city choices in rendering dialog.
  • Scenery build for NEXT/WS3.0:
   * Which area(s) to pick with a commitment to "often" rebuild / adapt to latest changes in code/features? (Should probably cover different types of base data like Corine vs. US stuff vs. ...)
   * Do we go for a new future default airport? Are there any new "features" (like previous carrier, volcanos) in NEXT? E.g. EDDM for photo scenery (Bavaria).
   * Update airports list?
   * Also kept up to date for NEXT? 

Topic: Night Textures

  • Have several lightmaps for different points during the night? => No too much work for artists. Should be able to do with shaders to use lightmaps more or less during night.

Topic: Screes etc. in mountains

  • Doing the same as for water in WS3 might not be the right approach. Probably better to update the underlying (Corine) data at e.g. 10m resolution based on normals and/or OSM data for screes.

Topic: WS3 underlying landclasses

  • Which source for different areas - outside of America and Europe?
  • SENTINEL could be one source. Needs to be investigated how to do the mapping - and whether it can be generalized across regions.
  • Need to distribute work to different people to find the right data sources in different regions.
  • Pipelines need to be automated - manual work kills the possibility to build the world regularly.

Topic: Shared models vs. osm2city

  • Consider turning off shared models in scenery database. Use OSM data (probably through osm2city) is a better source.
  • Possibly delete existing shared stuff for NEXT, not 2020.4.