San Jose International Airport

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San Jose International Airport
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Type Public
Owner City of San Jose
City San Jose, California, USA
Runway Length Material
12L/30R 3353 m Concrete
12R/30L 3353 m Concrete
11/29 1402 m Asphalt

San Jose International Airport is the main commercial airport serving the South Bay Area of the San Francisco Bay. In real life traffic, it handles less than a third of the passengers of San Francisco International Airport despite San Jose being the largest city in the Bay Area. It also has fewer passengers than Oakland International Airport. It is located relatively near downtown compared to other airports and has become cramped with little room to expand.


SJC is not a hub or focus city for any airline. However, it was once a hub for American Airlines in the early 90's, but this hub was reduced and never being brought back. Southwest Airlines does have a good presence at the airport, being the largest carrier there.


KSJC has 3 runways. The two 3353 meters ones are used mostly by commercial traffic and large private jets, and the smaller one to the west is used by general aviation traffic. The larger runways are shortened by displaced thresholds of 305 m (1000 feet) on the northwestern ends and 762 m (2500 feet) ones on the southeastern ends. This is mainly to comply with noise restrictions, as well as the approach method which is generally straight over downtown.

Most landings are on the 30L end of 12R/30L with most takeoffs on the 30R runway end. Both ends of 12R/30L runway are equipped with ILS, the other runways are not.

Runway 12L/30R was once around 1,333 m before being lengthened to its current length around 2001.


There are not very many scenery objects available for the airport, but a tower model is included, and a simple model of Terminal A is available through Terrasync.


Takeoff from KSFO 10L then fly strait until you see 2 white bridges then turn left if you can see KNUQ. Keep flying and you should see KSJC.

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